App – Idea and Name Development

Working within a group of 4 we all put together ideas that would make a beneficial app to students within the university or possibly worldwide. We came to the idea of creating an app that allows the user to share his or her notes with other students within their course.

The idea was based on the fact that students too are only human, and as humans we can fall sick or have any other reason to have missed a lecture. Missing a lecture can be a major setback for one, as lectures vary from 1 – 3 hrs packed with crucial information. However the lecture is always presented by the lecturer which can sometimes lead to a lecturer discussing an image, making points that may benefit you for your next project. However if these are missed, it may be hard to retrieve this information.

Our app then comes into place, it allows the user to see notes posted about that lecturer from various different students. Not only does this allow the student to have a full insight of the lecture, but also allows them to stay on track.

After careful consideration we also came to a name choice of NoteShot as we felt this related best to the features of the app.



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