Penguin Book Cover – Digital Exploration

The digital outcomes were based on mock ups from my sketchbook, I came up with a few ideas on paper, which I narrowed down to two ideas. These two ideas were taken forward to be executed digitally. I played with a range of colours and layout techniques. A combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were used to create these outcomes.

The design of the red face is based on one of the main characters, the thief. The story is based around him stealing money from a young boy, known to us as Emil. The design symbolises his face with money symbols in sight.

Illustration of the boy (Emil) is an exploration conducted using a Wacom tablet. Illustration has never been a strong point of mine, so whenever an opportunity arises for me get some practice in using my Wacom tablet I take it. Currently I am still new to the Wacom tab as I haven’t used it as often as I should. This led to me tracing photographs to achieve the desired result.

Combining the two illustrations together constructed the cover design. I used a colour overlay on the Wacom illustration to produce a sillouette of Emil. A drop shadow was also applied to the figure.

I feel that this Ideas works well and holds meaning. However I feel this idea needs to be developed further. Colour, typography and layout need to be explored.

Final Submission

For the final submission, I based my design in the style of Julian Opie. I included a plot from the book as a design on the cover. There comes a time in the book where Emil and the detectives surround the thief and recover the stolen cash.

The thief is centred on the cover, he is the only character in colour, making him easily identified. Behind the thief is a splash of paint consisting of three colours. Black, red and yellow paint splashes represent the german flag.

The back cover is kept simple, I used vectors that relate to the words detective. I included a magnifying glass and foot prints.

I feel the final outcome of this book jacket works really well, it is visually interesting and audience friendly. Its simplistic style makes it easy to approach and deconstruct.

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