App – Digital Exploration

After researching into existing apps in the apple store, as well as using Pinterest to create a board full of research we got a better understanding and idea to help construct our digital explorations.

The link to the pinterest board can be found here:

Our digital explorations had a set theme, we focused on colours and mainly layout. Doing our best to keep it minimum for easy navigation, also to not complicate and drift away from the idea of note sharing. We decided to also include a chat service allowing users to directly communicate with each other. We focused on a burger menu and also explored other menus that we felt may work. The idea of a note paper itself as the camera function was also introduced.

The digital exploration is to be presented next week, we will note down all the feedback we receive from our presentation and hopefully use it to better our app for the final.

All the pages posted below were designed by myself, the template of the app was given to each member of the group as well as a category that they would be designing there page for.


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