App – Further Exploration

Feedback from the presentation led us to re-create our apps interface. This time we were fully focused on the simplicity of the app. Ensuring it is easy to navigate for all users. We also made a few slight changes to the logo, ensuring its legibility remains even at a very small size. Although this task was tough, it was also fun. It gave us an insight of what an app actually needs to look like for users to easily navigate through it. Trial and error led us to create an app that we were finally pleased with. We focused on colours and layout again.

The logo was edited allowing the screen and button to have more space within themselves, making the icon still visually clear at a reduced size. The theme of the app had a more simplistic approach to it, with a minimal colour palette. This made the app visually interesting, clean and easy to navigate. The menu bar was positioned at the bottom, this included a customised camera button in the centre. The button featured part of the logo design within it.

The pages below were created by myself for my blog, Mohammed worked on the favourites page and Faisal worked on the timetable page. I felt at the time I had more time on my hands then the others, this allowed me to get more done for the app on my own, we used ‘Whatsapp Messenger’ as a means of communication to share our progress, confirm ideas as well as receive feedback from each other.



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