App – Presentation 2

This presentation was done to show the rest of our class the progress we have done, we took this as an opportunity to gain valuable feedback. As this was our first digital exploration being displayed we had positive as well as negative feedback. As this is the first time all members of the group have worked on an app, a lot of schoolboy mistakes were made. These included positioning, layout and also functionality of the app.

From the feedback we received, we decided to scrap the chat option as it just complicated the app for the majority. Also people already have numerous chatting apps that they would prefer to use for a quick chat rather then an in app one. Another key point made was about the layout and visual of the app itself. A lot of people felt the colours and the idea of the note menu bar was way too childish. The overall theme of the app was more focused at a younger target audience then a mature one.

The logo of our app was complimented several times, with a few minor adjustments to be made, the logo would become a definite keeper. Overall we felt that our app lacked professionalism.

With the feedback in mind, we all sat down to discuss changing the colours, theme and icons for the app. We were set back majorly as we had to come up with a brand new design for the app. One which works well with our brief: which is based on simplicity of note sharing.


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