LSFMD -Week 9 Outcomes

For this brief I teamed up with Jakob (Natalie dropped out on us during the second week without reason).

As we have identified that the existing logos for LSFMD were created by a designer who lacked creativity. In reaction to this we have been asked to create a new visual identity for London School of Film, Media and Design. The school positions itself as “the 21st Century destination for students looking for a ‘Career University’”. Its vision is to be nationally and internationally recognised as a vibrant hub of creative learning and a centre of excellence.

On week 9 groups must have all the research done and:

  • a brand personality and a set of brand values.
  • a complete visual benchmark.
  • the uniqueness of LSFMD.
  • a design brief.

As for the visual benchmark task, we discussed amongst our selves that we all research into 5 existing university logos, in which we will analyse colour, type and style. Below are my 5 analysed logos along with the rest of the tasks, including the brief…






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