Bruno Maag Talk

This afternoon I attended a talk on typography by Bruno Maag. Bruno Maag (born 1962) is a Swiss type designer and founder of type design company Dalton Maag. From this I’ve made a few notes that I felt were beneficial to myself.

A few key points made by Bruno worth noting:

  • Never work for free.
  • Good design is always the result of collaborative design.
  • Serif type can also be considered contemporary – if used correctly.
  • Increasing spacing can lead to clear legibility – alter type when needed.
  • Frutiger can be processed by the brain quicker then Helvetica.
  • English can be considered as an opaque language, making it difficult for dyslexic people. However dyslexia has nothing to do with typefaces.
  • LCD screens are all made up of sub pixels (RGB).

I felt Bruno presented this talk in a professional manor, it was definitely one of the more interesting talks I have attended within this university. I was impressed at the amount of work and effort that he dedicates to each project. Overall I found Bruno to be very inspiring, the project developed for the Amazon Kindle was a definite favourite of mine. The way he crafted each letter individually to achieve the desired results was absolutely outstanding.



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