Final App Presentation

The final 5 minute pitch presentation took place in Paragon House. The project was presented to a panel of people, this included Ben, Caterina (Lecturers) and Tim Baggott, AKQA’s Associate Creative Director, in a Dragons Den format.

This was an interesting and exciting opportunity for my team, it was a chance to pitch our concept in front of proffesionals within the industry. We were looking forward to the feedback given, to help design our app as professional as possible.

After the presentation, which we felt had went well, Tim instantly pointed out how he loved the logo for our app, he mentioned how the logo alone informed him about the app itself. Overall he was pleased with the outcomes and felt they were to a professional standard. However, Ben mentioned that we talked about how the app works more then what it does.

Once we summed up what the purpose of the app was, Tim replied saying how he felt that, for an app to work it should have an answer to a problem, only then does the app have potential of actually working. He felt that our app identified and solved a problem professionally in the easiest manor.

Overall we were pleased with the feedback and the outcome of the presentation.


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