LSFMD -Week 10 Outcomes

On week 10 groups must have started their visual language approach with their:

  • initial mark/logo sketches
  • colour and typography studies
  • tests (on perception, readability,┬ámessage and brand promise).

Week 10 was an interesting week for us, we met up again in order to discuss the fact that we have enough time to both carry out each of the task individually and then later collaborate our ideas and outcomes. I started off by sketching ideas that came into my head, from the previous week I had some ideas whilst researching that I immediately noted down for week 10. I wanted to focus on negative space as I felt that negative space logos work well if done correctly and the fact that many of them can instantly be remembered. I wanted to somehow incorporate an arrow within the logo itself, I felt this was a good way of showing that School is ‘moving forward’. The colour study also led us to narrow our colour down to just one or two, we focused mostly on blue and purple as we felt the qualities these colours possessed both related to rebranding LSFMD. We played around with size to conduct test on readability. At this stage nothing was final, feedback from the lecturers also led to many of these tasks being edited.

Below are the outcomes I produced for this week…



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