LSFMD -Week 11 Outcomes

On week 11 groups must have their visual language established with:

  • a final mark/logo in vectors
colour and typography defined
the other elements considered relevant for the identity system
the visual identity system guidelines

By week 11 we had met all our targets, we felt that we were heading in the right direction with our finals and most importantly we were working well within the time frame provided. A typographic exploration led us to choosing Helvetica as the final font choice. This was done on that fact that Helvetica can be classes as a modern san serif typeface, Helvetica also comes in a range of weights making it an ideal choice of font.

The final logo was the most difficult outcome to produce, as the intended slogan ‘moving forward’ could not be read well through the design. I came to a final choice of spacing out the letters, keeping them bold and simplifying the logo to just an arrow head. The colours chosen were black and white with a modern touch of pink within the arrow. The overall design was simple and effective.

Other elements considered relevant for the identity system included, a letterhead, business cards and promotional items. A set of visual identity system guidelines had also been started.

Below are the outcomes for week 11…



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