Task 1 – Physical 3D Text


Make your letter in cardboard – lower case – x height 150mm

  • it should be 75mm deep
  • make it as accurately as you can
  • it should be helvetica neue bold
  • it should look good as a piece
  • experiment

The letter I was given was ‘E’, the way I planned on destroying this letter was by fire. The question here lied ‘how exactly?’.

Setting the letter on fire and watching it burn would most probably be just like all the other videos, I wanted to explore a different technique, one slightly different to the others. My idea was to use a vehicle to run over the letter, I knew this would take only a few seconds, so the challenge here was to edit the footage and make it slow motion. 🙂

Below are a few photos of the construction of the letter and the final video of the letter being destroyed..


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