Task 1B – 99 Luftballons

Using post it notes again, we were now required to visualise 99 different concepts of how to rescue a helium balloon that has got out of reach.

The idea was to show how 99 ideas could evolve into a further 99 and so on. The main aim behind this task was quantity over quality. During the short space of time we had we had to note down EVERY idea that came into mind, wether it be realistic, normal, surreal or funny.

This task enabled me to have a vast array of concepts, ranging in various categories. It opened up my eyes to a new form of development, how ideas can develop from simple quick notes that can later be categorised and used for whatever purpose required.

We often get stuck on ideas when designing for anything. This method here where quantity matters over quality is a great way to express you mind and have a range of ideas.

Although my ideas were few, the point from this task was taken on board. The next part of this task was to categorise our ideas as a group. This also shows how beneficial it would be using this method as a group, different ideas from different minds coming together to work on the same ‘brief’. The outcomes were astounding.

Below are some of the categories .. can you figure out what they may be? 🙂

Task 1 – Extension

This extension led me to further explore the idea of note taking on post it notes. The scenario/idea for this task was 99 ways to get to the moon. This was then categorised into two categories, one of them being transport methods and the other being non transport methods. Mark making technique used here is biro on paper.


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