Task 2 – Mapping + Data + Information

Part A of this task required us to map the different catering options from the UWL campus, spend 30 minutes investigating the various food and drink options available. Then discuss and consider ways to compare and map their offering e.g. location, hot and cold options, price. We then spent a further 30 minutes visualising our ideas, identify at least three different variations that could be developed in the next session.


The extension part of this task required us to identify and research a set of data or information of our choice. This can be a mundane or serious as we like. from this we are to develop a personal design concept, visual language and create a graphical mapping response.

The outcome for this task was based on daily hours of sleep, a pie chart style was used per clock, days and weeks were identified. The infographic was presented in the form of an A3 poster.

Feedback from the Hours of Sleep infographic led me to further explore the design. I foucsed on a more creative approach, the concept was explored further, here are a few screen grabs of the process.


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