Task 3 – Psychogeography

Conducting a derive.

A derive is an unplanned journey, in this case to South Kensington. It is a form of experiencing and studying social and urban geography in playful and minimally structured way. It has an artistic and political pedigree.

A derive is also another method that can be employed to inspire and develop ideas.

This journey led me to collect information and ideas through photography and video, as at the time I had nothing but a camera on me. So being as creative as possible I took photographs and videos/recordings of anything I found interesting on my route. Knowing that the end products will contribute to help me develop ideas and be inspired, I tried to be as random as possible, in hope that I may capture ideas from everything.

I found this task interesting, this task gave me hope in finding refreshing ideas on any trip possible. This task proved that even a quick trip to your local grocery store can reveal ideas and give inspiration.

I took over a 100 photos and videos, below is a small collection of what was explored and captured on this journey.

These photographs were broken down into categories, these categories were:

  • Typography
  • Transport
  • Buildings
  • Signs
  • Maps
  • Gates
  • People
  • Windows
  • Numbers
  • Other

From these categories I decided to create an infographic related to different gate designs.


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