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Researching into this brief led to a number of obstacles that needed to be tackled. The primary obstacle here was what exactly would be the best method/idea to get the people to manage their money better.

As modern day technology allows us to spend in the easiest of ways using methods such as online payments, contactless payments, Apple pay etc I figured the best way to get the people to save is the same way that causes them to spend: through modern day technology.

In todays society if not everyone then almost everyone is in possession of what we call a smart phone. Studies and research show that todays generation and society spend on average more then 5 hours a day on these devices. So I figured the best possible money managing method would be through these devices. Devices range in apps, apps that allow the user to spend money in numerous amount of ways i.e. transport, shopping, music, contactless, videos, games etc.

Currently, there are 1,252,777 apps available in the App Store, and as many as 60 thousand apps are added per month – and this rate is itself growing. In 2013, 453,902 new apps were released in the Apple App Store, exceeding adjust’s prediction of over 435,100 new apps by 4 percent.

I decided to design some sort of app that allows the user to stay on top of managing money.


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