Task 4 – Conditional Design

A game was selected from the Conditional Design workbook, in a group of 4 we played a game which consisted of coloured pens and a large sheet of paper. The rules of the game were simple yet quite difficult, the rules were simply to keep your pen flowing on the piece of paper without lifting your pen of the paper or overlapping lines. The outcomes were photographed and the results were amazing.

Note: There are four colours on the paper, however the yellow started to fade from almost the beginning.

Following up from this we were required to create our own game with a set of rules using the conditional design manifesto as a guide. I developed a game which consisted of the following rules, a camera, four players and 4-8 objects. The rules were simple, each player picks an object or 2 of their choice and moves it in any direction within the picture frame of the camera upon their turn, no more then a centimetre move at a time. In doing so the camera man or auto shot mode can capture a photo every time a move is made to create what we know to be a STOP MOTION ANIMATION.

The outcomes were not as great as anticipated, however it was a fun and enjoyable experience with a unique outcome. Below are two attempts:

The first attempt did not go to plan, there were not enough moves made. This led to less photographs being taken, the moves were also not measured to 1 centimetre which led to the end result being jumpy.

This Is the outcome from the second attempt, this attempted consisted of more moves that led to more photos. Each move was as precise to 1 centimetre movement as possible:

Although both games played were fun and interesting, the game itself would not be complete until an After Effects touch up. The After Effects edit was time consuming, however the purpose of this game was to help me achieve a stop motion animation result. I think its fair to say that the outcomes have been to plan, I am satisfied with the results of both videos.

I think that it is also important to mention that although the idea behind this project was mine, it would not have been completed as well without the help from Mohammed Miyir. So I would like to take this opportunity to give him credit for his help and support.




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