RSA – Logo and Icon developments

From the list of names Listed in the previous posts, I narrowed the list down to 3 from which I let my fellow classmates pick the final name. The final name chosen was moneyup, the name speaks for it self, it means what it means, getting your money up. Proceeding onwards from this, I drew various icons that related to money, saving, banking etc. I primarily focused on security as well, as I personally felt that when dealing with saving money a sense of security is always a good feeling, knowing your money is safely stored away is key. Money that is not safely stored away is always prone to being spent!

Developing an Icon, brand and visual representation of the chosen name was difficult task. I focused on typography, Icons and colour. All of these focus points were crucial in developing a brand identity that has the possibility to stand out from the rest as well as being professional at the same time. I also went on to digitalising my sketches as well as creating a final outcome.

The final Logo design was one that went through many obstacles, I couldn’t quite put my foot down on a particular typeface so I decided to combine two typefaces within the name of the brand, the colours were chosen to represent money, money from all over the world comes in various different colours, however when money is being portrayed through illustration, animations, diagrams etc it is always represented in green. I think it is fair to say, if asked to name a colour related to money, green will always be on top. I am quite pleased with the outcome and I have tested it on my iPhone screen resolution and can assure you it works when resized down.


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