Task 7 – Self Initiated

The self initiated task for me was based on possibilities for my final major project next semester. From a young age Ive always had a passion for graffiti art, it was one of the first forms of art I took an interest in, graffiti art is also what led me into studying graphic design today. I wanted to combine my knowledge and skills in graffiti art with todays modern world, where graffiti is frowned upon by many. I figured that this specific form of art would work great in the vaping industry.

I designed a character in the style of graffiti art, not losing focus of vaping. A name was also created for the brand that can be created. If I decide to stay with the idea, I will design a series of outcomes:

Logo, posters, leaflets, web baners, stickers, t shirts and labels for e-liquids.

Below are a few explorations of designs, I sketched out illustrations and type which were taken into Illustrator where vectors were created using a Wacom tablet.



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