Major Project Idea

For my major project I have decide to look into the world of vaping, being a smoker myself I started noticing the increase of vaping around me growing at a rapid rate. Vaping seems to be the new trend in 2016/17. My knowledge so far on vaping is very little, from what I know and have heard so far that it is the increasing trend to a healthier alternative to traditional smoking.

I have visited vape stores in the past with my brother and have found it fascinating how many vape stores actually exist around my local area. My brother would go in and pick from a range of flavours which included almost every flavour you can think of. On my visits to the vape shops I would always notice the packaging of these products, the advertisement posters and the vast range of label designs, to me almost all of them seem to have been done in a tattoo art style, it was very hard to find a brand that was consistent and stood out from the rest due to good packaging design.

Ive always felt that packaging is a weak point of mine, so for this project I have decided to take on this challenge of creating a cool looking, unique identity and visual image for a vape company. Hopefully all the research and design work may just persuade me to become a vaper myself!


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