Researching into the vaping industry was an Interesting subject, I used mainly the internet for my research. A large collection of existing e-liquid labels were also collected on Pinterest, this gave me a clear insight of the competition I will be faced with.

A lot of interesting facts were discovered when doing my research, I came to learn that the vaping industry is actually rapidly growing around the world, it has been estimated to be growing at a $1 billion a year.

Vaping is popularly become know as the healthier alternative to smoking, with many traditional smokers willing to step into the healthier alternative world of vaping, it is increasingly becoming a popular trend in todays society.

Vaping offeres a personalised touch to smoking, a vaper can modify his/hers own vape pen (e-cigarette) from colours to battery size. The modifications are endless, you can chose from batteries, atomisers, coils, colour, size and even power. The flavours available on the market are endless, with a new flavour being released almost every week the variety is endless, vapes can chose from a range of flavours some of these include, sweet popcorn, jam tarts, candy, fruits, menthol and even tobacco.

Competitions and exhibitions are also held around the globe over the years vaping has transitioned from being a healthy alternative to smoking to being fun and competitive at the same time. Vaping competitions are part of vaping events all over the world and the prizes (everything from cash to sponsorships or vaping equipment) can be won.

The entry requirements and classes vary from competition to competition: some classes require two vapers to stand back to back and blow clouds at the same time so the audience and judging panel can compare, other classes are focused on tricks and routines.

Researching into existing designs was endless, existing companies approached the design aspect from every angle, some kept it simple with minimal use of everything whilst others left little or no space empty on their packaging. A lot of illustrative approaches were on the market as well as typographic approaches. I personally felt that some had good designs where as others looked home made. However I came to the conclusion of approaching my designs with more of a professional approach, using simplicity and typography.

On my Pinterest collections I had almost 300 posts saved, I even took a look at retro cigarette posters where cigarettes were advertised as being health and trendy, this was done to give me an idea of how to approach vaping in the same way when designing my posters.


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