Digital label explorations

Measurements from existing labels were taken, I had a range of existing e-liquid bottles at home, the labels were peeled off and measure. I focused my designs on a bottle of 30ml, the label dimensions were slightly altered to my liking by a few mm.

Early explorations of digital labels were conducted, I explored specific colour themes such as black and gold, black and white and full colour options. I tried to focus on typography and layout at this stage, many of the labels were printed out and tested for legibility, I even wrapped a few around e-liquid bottles to see if any changes need to be made. I used illustrator as the primary programme to conduct my designs. Again the outcomes were many and they gave me a clear insight on what changes and approaches need to be done in order to create a more professional outcome.

Some of the labels were designed to wrap around so the ends actually meet on the reverse of the bottle, creating an image or logo in whole.


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