Digital logo exploration

The brand went through many changes during the early stages of development, the name was changed several times as well as the logo.

The nal name chosen for the brand is Bliss, There is no particular reason for me chosing this name, I felt at the time it worked well with the image I had in mind for my brand.

Defenition of Bliss

The defenition of bliss perfectly summed up the qualities vaping provides – perfect happiness; great joy.

Having tested out vaping for a long period of time myself, I feel that happiness and joy is achieved through vaping, any form health beneficial products always bring happiness to an individual. The health benefits are many such as –

1. Vaping Reduces Exposure to Tobacco

Traditional cigarette pollutes the environment and is harmful to both the smokers and nonsmokers around them. Vaping minimizes the harm by reducing your exposure to tobacco and lowering production of smoke to the environment. One cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals which include 400 toxic chemicals harmful to human health and 43 carcinogenic compounds. The chemicals range from arsenic to formaldehyde. However, vaporizers reduce or even eliminate all the chemicals.

2. Vaporizers Eliminate the Smell

Smoking exposes smokers and people around to the smell of tobacco. The liquid in a vaporizer is scentless. It does not release any smell to the environment. Traditional cigarettes produce smell that remains in the smoker’s clothes and skin for a long time. Hence, smokers have to wash their hands every time they smoke a cigarette and wash their clothes every day to rid the smell. Vaporizers eliminate this hustle. In addition, the inhaled fluid within vaporizers is colorless, which avoids the staining of the smoker’s finger and teeth. Vaporizing does not involve any burning and this protects the smokers’ skin.

3. Wide Variety of Vaping Liquids to Choose from

Vaping liquids have different flavors to satisfy different tastes. Smokers can choose the same flavor of vaping liquids as their favorite cigarettes. For instance, smokers who prefer menthol cigarettes can use menthol vaping liquids. Those who prefer traditional cigarette can enjoy tobacco flavored vaping liquids.


Early stages of digital explorations were conducted, I focused primarily on legibility ensuring the logo can work on small scales, a collection of fonts was also collected.


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