Mockups – Bliss City

A few cities have categorised e-cigarettes under tobacco products even though they contain no tobacco, and in some cases no nicotine. As this motion is being played out, it is having detrimental effects on the small vaping businesses, causing many small vape shops to close down, hence allowing the big tobacco companies to thrive once again. However the biggest concern are the industry’s consumers, the vapers who were using the products to quit smoking. Some of these who are living in these cities or states that have adopted very harsh regulations, are being forced back into smoking.


Throughout the design process I experimented with various logos, labels and poster designs. Bliss City Vapors was the brand identity, I came up with this idea as a way to support and encourage vaping in large cities.


For this identity I focused on space, as a designer, I’ve always believed that whitespace is the fundamental building block of good design. I wanted this product to have more interaction and content legibility. I went forth with using only black, white and one colour per design. I also had an idea of making the cities connect somehow, this idea was mocked up on to the side of boxes, creating one big city when all the boxes are placed side by side on shelves making the brand unique.




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