Label Designs

Further explorations were carried out in order to meet the typographic outcomes desired. I played around with various fonts, distorting and changing the perspective as well as adding strokes and creating shadows.

Once I established a design I was happy with I continuously played around with position and colour to achieve different outcomes. Each design has its own theme and consistancy to keep the brand consistant throughout.

The label designs were hugely influenced by the Camden and Brixton Brewery. You can see the relation between the two designs, professional brewery labels influencing the design of my vape labels was a positive move. I used similar fonts including shadows and outlines to create visually interesting consistent type.

Overall the outcomes were just as planned, I enjoyed experimenting over ad over to receive outcomes to a professional standard, however still at this stage nothing was final. Feedback from my friends stated that the black and white option as well as the coloured backgrounds worked really well and stood out from the others.

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