Task 7 – Self Initiated

The self initiated task for me was based on possibilities for my final major project next semester. From a young age Ive always had a passion for graffiti art, it was one of the first forms of art I took an interest in, graffiti art is also what led me into studying graphic design today. I wanted to combine my knowledge and skills in graffiti art with todays modern world, where graffiti is frowned upon by many. I figured that this specific form of art would work great in the vaping industry.

I designed a character in the style of graffiti art, not losing focus of vaping. A name was also created for the brand that can be created. If I decide to stay with the idea, I will design a series of outcomes:

Logo, posters, leaflets, web baners, stickers, t shirts and labels for e-liquids.

Below are a few explorations of designs, I sketched out illustrations and type which were taken into Illustrator where vectors were created using a Wacom tablet.



Task 6 – Rebranding

Task 1 Discovery/Research phase:

Deconstructing a consumer brand by separating out the visual equities, colour, shape, brandmark, typography, tone of voice, sonic branding and physical product qualities. I deconstructed the famous BULLDOG CAFE in Amsterdam, I done this as firstly its one of my favourite cafes in Amsterdam and secondly I felt that the logo for the cafe took a different step from the others, its created in almost a freehand style manner. A PDF presentation was created:


 Task 2 Define/ Creative expression execution

For task 2 I focused on recreating the logo for the cafe using the original colours and elements.  The outcomes were many but a final was chosen, based on clarity and typography.

Task 5 – Group Projection

The brief for this task was to produce a video, with sound, centred on projection.

Working in a group of 4 we focused on using designs created in After Effects to conduct a projection using MadMapper. I focused on patterns and colours, below are a few explorations of symmetrical designs.

Using MadMapper for the first was a fun and interesting experience, I found it quite difficult to navigate around the programme, however I managed to get the projection up and running. I tested out everything was in order using my files as a demo, once check we combined our files together for this projection.


Task 4 – Small Print

The brief was to create a monogram which will later be printed in 3d.

The monogram I created was based on my initials, the 3D printer was used to print the graphics, before this stage a combination of illustrator and Cinema 4d were used to create a design format suitable for the 3d printer to work with.

Following up from the 3d print we were required to create a 3d printed letterpress monogram of your initials. I found this interesting and fun, methods of traditional and digital techniques were applied in order to create a final piece.

Below are the outcomes from this experiment:

Task 3 – Bigger Print

The aims and objectives for this task were to go big with print, as big as possible using the resources available. I partnered up with Mohammed for this task as we both had the same idea. We planned to use cut out letters covered in paint and then rolled over by the wheels of a car to produce the biggest print we would have created to date. This was a fun and interesting project, it gave us the opportunity to step away from the computers and use traditional methods to conduct this experiment. The process of creating the letters has been documented as well as a video of the final print being printed.

Photography – Lecture session notes

Notes from the photography lecture.

This lecture was particular interesting one for me as I am not really familiar with cameras. I own a digital camera myself which is mainly automatic. I took a lot on board this lecture, one feature of cameras that particularly got my attention was the Aperture control, I think photos come out fantastic once Aperture is explored with. I will definitely be using this feature in a lot more of my photography.

Notes taken during lecture..

Task 3 – Big Print

Rasterbating – Everyone loves it! 🙂

The purpose behind this task was to explore big prints, a chosen image was rasterbated and printed out. Rasterbating the image was fairly straight forward and simple, the website allowed us to play with a few options and make our ideas unique.

The hardest part of this assignment was putting up the print on to the wall, as mine consisted of 30 A4 sheets.

Below is the outcome from this weeks session…


The original photo before rasterbation…