Labels – further adjustments

Further adjustments were made to the final 2 colour sets of labels, my two favourites which I decided to take forward was a coloured version with white typography as well as the black and white version. I felt that these two colour sets had the strongest appearance in terms of legibility, typography, colour and layout.

Adjustments such as increase in font size by 0.5pt to the caution information was done, a glue tab was also included to make over lapping of the label as clean and professional  as possible. The logo was also increased in size and positioned slightly lower, the flavour names were also made slightly smaller. To include a glue tab I simply increased he with by 0.5cm.

Final Label Designs –


Label Designs

Further explorations were carried out in order to meet the typographic outcomes desired. I played around with various fonts, distorting and changing the perspective as well as adding strokes and creating shadows.

Once I established a design I was happy with I continuously played around with position and colour to achieve different outcomes. Each design has its own theme and consistancy to keep the brand consistant throughout.

The label designs were hugely influenced by the Camden and Brixton Brewery. You can see the relation between the two designs, professional brewery labels influencing the design of my vape labels was a positive move. I used similar fonts including shadows and outlines to create visually interesting consistent type.

Overall the outcomes were just as planned, I enjoyed experimenting over ad over to receive outcomes to a professional standard, however still at this stage nothing was final. Feedback from my friends stated that the black and white option as well as the coloured backgrounds worked really well and stood out from the others.

Inspiration –

My Designs Influenced by the above –

Box Designs

Most e-liquids when purchased come as a bottle with a label wrapped around, however some come with an additional package of a box. The boxes usually display the same information as the label and sometimes same design.

Measurements of existing boxes were taken down and from these a created an outline on Ai. The outline was filled with different designs in order to create a box, it displayed a caution, logo and designs on the side, I also displayed a QR code that can you to websites.

Pop art style posters

One of the ideas I had was to advertise vaping through celebrities, celebrities have a huge influence on many and are regularly releasing new trends. I figured if I could photoshop famous celebrity photos to portray them vaping I could possibly grab more peoples attention.

The process was fairly simple and straight forward, I used high resolution photos of celebrities and the hands of people holding vape pens. I put the two together in photoshop to make them appear as if they are original photos and no edits have been made. The hardest part of this was finding the correct hand for each celebrity to make sure it looks real as possible. Adjusting the hands in the right place was key to achieving an authentic look.

Mockups – Bliss City

A few cities have categorised e-cigarettes under tobacco products even though they contain no tobacco, and in some cases no nicotine. As this motion is being played out, it is having detrimental effects on the small vaping businesses, causing many small vape shops to close down, hence allowing the big tobacco companies to thrive once again. However the biggest concern are the industry’s consumers, the vapers who were using the products to quit smoking. Some of these who are living in these cities or states that have adopted very harsh regulations, are being forced back into smoking.


Throughout the design process I experimented with various logos, labels and poster designs. Bliss City Vapors was the brand identity, I came up with this idea as a way to support and encourage vaping in large cities.


For this identity I focused on space, as a designer, I’ve always believed that whitespace is the fundamental building block of good design. I wanted this product to have more interaction and content legibility. I went forth with using only black, white and one colour per design. I also had an idea of making the cities connect somehow, this idea was mocked up on to the side of boxes, creating one big city when all the boxes are placed side by side on shelves making the brand unique.



Digital label explorations

Measurements from existing labels were taken, I had a range of existing e-liquid bottles at home, the labels were peeled off and measure. I focused my designs on a bottle of 30ml, the label dimensions were slightly altered to my liking by a few mm.

Early explorations of digital labels were conducted, I explored specific colour themes such as black and gold, black and white and full colour options. I tried to focus on typography and layout at this stage, many of the labels were printed out and tested for legibility, I even wrapped a few around e-liquid bottles to see if any changes need to be made. I used illustrator as the primary programme to conduct my designs. Again the outcomes were many and they gave me a clear insight on what changes and approaches need to be done in order to create a more professional outcome.

Some of the labels were designed to wrap around so the ends actually meet on the reverse of the bottle, creating an image or logo in whole.

Illustrative approach

Although I mentioned I would primarily be focusing on typographic designs I also explored digital illustrations using the Wacom tablet. In mind I had various different fruit flavours being represented through illustrations, using the Wacom tablet was fun and the outcomes were cool based on feedback received. Many existing vape brands use illustrations to differentiate themselves from other brands for e.g. there is a brand of liquid called Clown, they use different clown illustrations to represent different flavours, you can instantly spot the brand out from others on the shelves. A lot of time was spent on digitally drawing these faces, the outcomes were also explored on cinema 4d.

The inspiration was taken from these brands –


My designs were under the brand name cloud bandits, I used the Clown brand as inspiration in hope to achieve an outcome that stands out from the rest.