Final LSFMD Presentation – Online Portfolio

Below is a link to the finalised brand book, displayed within my online portfolio‚Ķ enjoy and like ūüôā


LSFMD – Week 13 Outcomes

On week 13 groups must finalise their brand book.

The final brand book was printed professionally in an A4 format, it was also ring binded. I feel that I have learnt a lot on this project, I realised the importance of brand guidelines. Previously I had attended an interview where I was set a simple task, the reason that I failed at this task was simplify because I had not looked into the brand guidelines before placing the company’s logo. I had aligned it right, when the brand guidelines specifically stated that it should always be aligned left. This mistake has taught me the importance of brand guidelines and so has this project. Overall it was fun and I¬†really enjoyed it.

Below you can find the entire brand book attached…


LSFMD -Week 12 Outcomes

On week 12 groups must have their:

  • set of course icons
  • ‚Ä®application into two promotional media/supports

A set of icons were created in Illustrator, we used simple shapes that can easily be identified. We used existing icons for inspirational and a base for creating our design. We  added a unique touch to our icons, creating them in theme with our logo and brand.

An application into promotional media was created using After Effects, I decided to animate my logo to imply the word creativity. I focused on simplicity, through research I realised that most existing brands had animated there logo to last no longer then 3-5 seconds. They kept it simple, catchy and rememberable.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 20.24.51

LSFMD -Week 11 Outcomes

On week 11 groups must have their visual language established with:

  • a final mark/logo in vectors
  • ‚Ä®colour and typography defined
  • ‚Ä®the other elements considered relevant for the identity system
  • ‚Ä®the visual identity system guidelines

By week 11 we had met all our targets, we felt that we were heading in the right direction with our finals and most importantly we were working well within the time frame provided. A typographic exploration led us to choosing Helvetica as the final font choice. This was done on that fact that Helvetica can be classes as a modern san serif typeface, Helvetica also comes in a range of weights making it an ideal choice of font.

The final logo was the most difficult outcome to produce, as the intended slogan ‘moving forward’ could not be read well through the design. I came to a final choice of spacing out the letters, keeping them bold and simplifying the logo to just an arrow head. The colours chosen were black and white with a modern touch of pink within the arrow. The overall design was simple and effective.

Other elements considered relevant for the identity system included, a letterhead, business cards and promotional items. A set of visual identity system guidelines had also been started.

Below are the outcomes for week 11…


LSFMD -Week 10 Outcomes

On week 10 groups must have started their visual language approach with their:

  • initial mark/logo sketches
  • colour and typography studies
  • tests (on perception, readability,¬†message and brand promise).

Week 10 was an interesting week for us, we met up again in order to discuss the fact that we have enough time to both carry out each of the task individually and then later collaborate our ideas and outcomes. I started off by sketching ideas that came into my head, from the previous week I had some ideas whilst researching that I immediately noted down for week 10. I wanted to focus on negative space as I felt that negative space logos work well if done correctly and the fact that many of them can instantly be remembered. I wanted to somehow incorporate an arrow within the logo itself, I felt this was a good way of showing that School is ‘moving forward’. The colour study also led us to narrow our colour down to just one or two, we focused mostly on blue and purple as we felt the qualities these colours possessed both related to rebranding LSFMD. We played around with size to conduct test on readability. At this stage nothing was final, feedback from the lecturers also led to many of these tasks being edited.

Below are the outcomes I produced for this week…


Bruno Maag Talk

This afternoon I attended a talk on typography by Bruno Maag. Bruno Maag¬†(born 1962) is a¬†Swiss¬†type designer and founder of type design company¬†Dalton Maag. From this I’ve made a few notes that I felt were beneficial to myself.

A few key points made by Bruno worth noting:

  • Never work for free.
  • Good design is always the result of collaborative design.
  • Serif type can also be considered contemporary – if used correctly.
  • Increasing spacing can lead to clear legibility – alter type when needed.
  • Frutiger can be processed by the brain quicker then Helvetica.
  • English can be considered as an opaque language, making it difficult for dyslexic people. However dyslexia has nothing to do with typefaces.
  • LCD screens are all made up of sub pixels (RGB).

I felt Bruno presented this talk in a professional manor, it was definitely one of the more interesting talks I have attended within this university. I was impressed at the amount of work and effort that he dedicates to each project. Overall I found Bruno to be very inspiring, the project developed for the Amazon Kindle was a definite favourite of mine. The way he crafted each letter individually to achieve the desired results was absolutely outstanding.


LSFMD -Week 9 Outcomes

For this brief I teamed up with Jakob (Natalie dropped out on us during the second week without reason).

As we have identified that the existing logos for LSFMD were created by a designer who lacked creativity.¬†In reaction to this we have been asked to create a new visual identity for London School of Film, Media and Design. The school positions itself as ‚Äúthe 21st Century destination for students looking for a ‚ÄėCareer University‚Äô‚ÄĚ. Its vision is to be nationally and internationally recognised as a vibrant hub of creative learning and a centre of excellence.

On week 9 groups must have all the research done and:

  • a brand personality and a set of brand values.
  • a complete visual benchmark.
  • the uniqueness of LSFMD.
  • a design brief.

As for the visual benchmark task, we discussed amongst our selves that we all research into 5 existing university logos, in which we will analyse colour, type and style. Below are my 5 analysed logos along with the rest of the tasks, including the brief…